In these days suspended in time we live our homes like a persona) microcosm where we find the plea.sure of small things. In this space, the table becomes a fundamental piece of furniture for family conviviality but also functional for daily activities.
Fratelli Boffi offers in its cataloga selection of finely finished round tables made of fine woods that meet the most varied aesthetic ta.stes. The round dining table, without edges,  its circular shape, becomes a convivial, comfortable and democratic furniture in the domestic environment. The common center makes it ideai for children’s homework but also for board games and for playing cards.

Prego! – design Ferruccio Laviani

the Prego! Table, project designed by Ferruccio Lavi.ani, consists of a round beveled glass top, where structure and ornan1ent undergo a mutual enhancen1ent. Supported onto palms of two hands,

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