Salone del Mobile 2021 – Supersalone Hall 1 Stand A10

Salone del Mobile 2021 – Supersalone Hall 1 Stand A10

The unusual character of the Fratelli Boffi company, composed of skillful woodworking, precious details, and  the evocation of a classic, luxurious lifestyle which is able to maintain a light and ironic attitude at the same time, once again returns as protagonist in the collection of furnishings which is presented during the 2021 Salone del Mobile. The long woodworking tradition of the company, capable of crafting the most prized woods giving life to extraordinary and unique furniture, combined with the selection of prized materials and elegant coverings, will stage a small but singular installation once again this year.

At the Supersalone 2021, Fratelli Boffi is presenting itself with an exhibition space where the products represent the only true protagonists, put on display as sculptural objects to enable one to appreciate the details, the prized materials, and the wise craftsmanship. Eclectic interpreters of original ways of living, Fratelli Boffi’s products astonish once again this year with their irreverent character, singular design, and unusual colors.

The Sitlali rocking chair introduces the new items at the Supersalone, designed by Swiss designer Philippe Bestenheider, who perfectly incarnates the company’s philosophy, demonstrating the ability to reinterpret the furnishings of the past with great irony and eclecticism.

Sitlali draws its inspiration from the archetype of the English chair, the Windsor chair, a chair conceived at the end of the eighteenth century as a country furnishing and which evolved into multiple versions throughout the decades to come, remaining a current object even today, the fruit of centuries of artisanal wisdom marrying the genuineness of materials, a simple and elegant line, and a graceful aesthetic. Sitiali once again proposes the values that the Windsor chair has preserved over time and reinterprets its aesthetic with character and contemporaneity. The back, designed as a fan of thin overlapping rods, becomes the distinctive character of the project. The same structure and  overlapping rods also design the base of the chair, making up the legs which end in the curve of the rocker, creating a coherent, light constructive unit.

It is being presented in two different versions, of which one in two-tone stain, the magenta color chosen for the finishings, with a strong visual impact and made with various gradations which cover, to more or less of an extent, and also reveal and highlight the grain of the wood while at the same time highlighting the overlapping of the elements.

In its composition, Sitiali reveals itself to be an object with a sculptural character at the same time distinguished by a basic design without complex decorative elements, almost evoking the puritan cleanness of the Shaker furnishings of the time. It is a furniture piece that astonishes and invites one to relax, where one can abandon oneself to moments of reflection and carefree peace.

Among the 2021 new items we also find the Archway table, designed by Argentine designer Cristián Mohaded, characterized by clean lines and harmonious forms, in which its volumetric richness is highlighted by the quality of the materials refreshed by the combination of woods and by the decoration which evokes the organic harmony of the plant world.

Nature, which has always been an element of inspiration for Cristián Mohaded’s projects, designs the decoration of the Archway top, exalting the expressive power of inlay with a contemporary appeal.

Archway is a table with significant dimensions and highly prized woodworking, celebrated by curvilinear forms and a richness of shapes. In a harmonious blend of polychromatic proportions, the birch and mahogany woods selected for the surface blend into the solid mahogany edge, enhanced and accentuated by a brilliant shiny lacquer finish which completes and protects the woodwork. The same finish accentuates the curvilinear contour of the base, composed of arches that rise and undulate, creating a solid structure. A brass ring, placed within the arch of the legs, represents another unusual element of this project in which tradition and contemporaneity merge, making Archway the protagonist of the dining room or living area in residential or contract living areas.

A pair of chairs which totally incarnate the essence of the company conclude this year’s new items, the Ciuffo chairs, designed by the research and development department, a strong reference to the world of Fratelli Boffi.

In the pair of Ciuffo chairs, produced in solid stained mahogany wood, tradition and contemporaneousness engage in a dialogue through the shapes and materials selected. Characterized by a soft wave, a fundamental element of the project, which defines the back: a detail which recalls the furnishings of the past with a touch of irony, typical of Fratelli Boffi’s production.

The slightly arched legs outline the silhouette of these chairs with sinuous softness, conceived as a pair and unusually made in a right- and left-handed version.

The seat and back are upholstered to confer more comfort to the chair. The chair is covered in jacquard fabric whose decoration creates a space with a celestial atmosphere in which nature and architecture coexist, where cypresses, winged creatures, and metaphysical shapes recompose the visual worlds of illustration and of crisp architectural geometry.

Once again, the Salone del Mobile becomes the stage on which the company narrates its vision of luxury, of decoration, and of contemporary living, in a storytelling composed of unexpected lines, rich and precious materials, and masterful attention to craftsmanship and detail.


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