20/10 WARM WINTER Furs and soft upholstery for winter-inspired furnishings.

20/10 WARM WINTER Furs and soft upholstery for winter-inspired furnishings.

Tibet lamb hair, fur, hair on leather. Fratelli Boffi offers a selection of furnishings andcomplements finished with soft and refined coverings to transform domestic or contractenvironments into welcoming and sophisticated winter interiors.

is the Monarch chair by Archer Humphryes Architects. The project emphasizes the contrastbetween two elements: structure and upholstery.
The base is in wood and is characterized by rigorous and clean lines, recalling the classic side ofa rocking chair, with the addition of a delicate detailing on its seatback.
The choice in upholstering for its seat and back, is instead in white lamb, a soft trait whichcontributes to providing the chair with comfort and character.

Albertine is composed of natural walnut base and legs, upon which a soft padding bow outlining the seatback stands out, enveloping the seat cushion and creating a cosy, welcomingarea. The graceful shape of this object manages to merge with the most diverse styles: by usingdifferent types of upholstery, Albertine can be turned into a striking, decorative object or asober, discreet piece of furniture.

Ottoman In Furs is a stuffed item with generous, round shapes. Its entirely leathered surfacecomes with a fur top which partly covers both its seat and sides, creating gentle combinationsand chromatic tone-on-tone mixtures. Available in two decorative versions and in a fur orleather-on-leather version, Ottoman In Furs becomes the perfect element of a glamorous,sophisticated setting.

Cabinet In Furs is made up of an Italian walnut or dark durmast cylinder, with a leather topand a wooden base. Like a Venus in Furs, the unit is literally enveloped by the soft upholstery,hiding the lateral opening which conceals the interior with its precious wooden shelves. Available in its original calf hair version and in the other, puffy, long-haired version, CabinetIn Furs lends itself to many interpretations, making aesthetic and material customisationabsolutely doable.

The low seat, designed by Archer Humphryes Architects, it is composed of a back contouredby a wooden perimeter and base. The flowing mahogany or oak outline are embellished by apeculiar upholstery and sophisticated decorations or in black leather. The sinuous and feminineshape of the armchair’s seat can be embellished by an eccentric Tibetan fur upholstery or – onthe leather covering its back– with laser decorations.

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