Ornamental and functional, the round coffee tables decorate domestic spaces with the utmost freedom. Supporting a lamp or acting as small countertops for laptops and notebooks, they furnish, sustain and intersperse spaces. The Fratelli Boffi catalogue offers a selection of coffee tables to be placed next to thesofa and employ as a side table, or used as a cocktail table, owning to the varied sizes and heights available.

The round tables Sacher designed by Leonardo Dainelli of Dainelli Studio are characterized by two elements; wood and Viennese straw that recall the two layers that compose the famous Viennese cake inan ironic vein. The frame is partially wrapped in Viennese straw, creating a half cylinder that creates fascinating peekaboo effects to the interior. A glass shelf has also been inserted inside the cylinder in theversion with multiple shelves, suspended thanks to a tubular metallic frame in burnished brass.

The small Poseidon table is composed of a base in satin brass, from which three sinuous legs in solidwood dyed black branch out, supporting the Explosion Blu marble top like a trident.
The thin profile of the legs gives the project an almost airy lightness, contrasting with the authoritative structure of the top and base.

Designed by Nigel Coates is the lamp and cocktail table Scoubidou, with a carved wooden base and abeveled crystal top. The wooden base of Scoubidou, is notched creating a fluid, rounded twisting shape
that ends in a sort of Doric capital on which the top rests. Available in three sizes, Scoubidou is presented in different finishes.

The two side tables, lamp table and cocktail table are part of the F* The Classics family designed by Ferruccio Laviani. Characterized by soft and rounded lines, these pieces were drenched in fluorescent green
and fuchsia paint. The dense and thick color covers the table’s surface providing an almost plastic appearance, which, dripping towards the floor, leaves a couple droplets behind. This quirky detailing slowly encompasses the structure that still shows the grandiose lines and the solid hardwood of the leg.

The couple Aurous and Ink, designed by Archer Humphryes Architects is a family of cocktail tableswith a polished yet decorative style, ideal for any living room environment and capable of standingalongside various seats: from the most classic to the most extravagant. Both tables are composed of three thin rectangular legs in American walnut, supporting two different substantial tops, giving a dynamic and imposing shape.

Designed by Archer Humphryes Architects are the two small round lamp tables Scalloped.
Scalloped’s style is embodied in a base composed of a wooden turned column, which supports a topdecorated by an elegant inlaying. Revoking a flower shape, the small table is shaped and equipped ofrounded lines, it is available in two versions: Scalloped G and Scalloped P.

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