20/9 Fratelli Boffi realizes the charm of Jiva Hill Resort

20/9 Fratelli Boffi realizes the charm of Jiva Hill Resort

The major renovation of the main areas of Jiva Hill Resort, near Geneva, performed byFratelli Boffi, highlights the excellence of the materials and of the workmanship.
In the charming setting of the Jura Nature Preserve, Fratelli Boffi has performed the renovationof the prestigious 5 star Jiva Hill resort.
The hotel, with a view of Mont Blanc, was the subjectof a major renovation that involved both the layout of the existing building and the new expansionbuildings for the addition of new rooms. The renovation was split into two phases, begun in 2019,based on designs by Cristina Gherardi Benardeau’s Parisian CG Design studio, specialized in thedesign of luxury residences, hotels and yachts.

Fratelli Boffi participated in the renovation, providing fixed and freestanding customfurnishings, wall coverings, woodwork, doors, and windows. During the first phase of the project,the focus was primarily on common areas, the main Jiva restaurant, the Le Jardin restaurant, therelaxation area, the bar, and the exterior areas. The participation by Fratelli Boffi stood out for its careful attention to materials and the refined workmanship in the production of the tables, the chairs, the breakfast counter and all the outdoor areas.

In the second phase, on the other hand, Fratelli Boffi participated in the creation of the interiorsof the rooms, the hallways, the relaxation areas, the fitness area, and the meeting room. Thecompany’s historic woodworking art can be touched with one’s own hands in the wainscoting, the doors, the closets, the bar cabinets, the desks, the luggage racks, in the night stands of the new rooms, and the chairs and the tables
placed in the suites.

The work was performed with the utmost care with the selection of prized materials and carefulworkmanship, characteristics which for almost a century have distinguished the work of FratelliBoffi, demonstrating once again the quality of its products and the strength of that culturalinitiative for which it is a leader in the area of production and custom projects.

Project sheet

Destination: Jiva Hill Resort
Designers: Studio CG Design
Place: Crozet – Francia
Year of construction: 2020
Fratelli Boffi products: custom-made furnishing and coverings

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