Piera – design Fratelli Boffi Studio

Piera is inspired by the room chairs of a time from which it borrows its sinuous and sensual shapes and its small, streamlined wooden feet. The seat cushion, positioned at a low height, is composed of thick padding on the high, wide back and the two armrests, giving an extraordinary feeling of comfort. The shape of the back recalls very feminine curves in its proportions, delineating a thin waist that gets wider as it rises up. Piera is also available in a smaller size, named Pierina.

Truman – design Fratelli Boffi Studio

Truman is a container cabinet made up of a full height compartment with shutter doors and a series of six drawers placed in a column laterally running the full depth of the cabinet. The body of the piece is finished with opaque white lacquer and decorated with black circles which support the movement of the frame. Haphazard geometries, counterposed sinuous lines juxtaposed with clean cuts, and unexpected container compartments. It’s a cabinet that astonishes, piques our curiosity, and makes us smile with its unusual aesthetic and retro colors. Undefinable, restless, taut, irreconcilable, it’s the contrast that is unleashed along the border between black and white which defines and decorates its surface.

Galleon – design Archer Humphryes Architects

Galleon is an aristocratic and refined cocktail chair, where the preciousness of the details defines its character and uniqueness. Characterized by very geometric curved lines both in the backrest and in the seat, Galleon is made of wood and finished with a glossy black lacquer. The padded seat covered in fabric with a black and white geometric decoration recalls the retro style of the last century.
The tapered legs thicken as they rise towards the seat and are finished with precious bronzed metal tips that accentuate its luxurious character.

Back to Back – design Nigel Coates

The distinctive trait of the Back to Back project – sofa designed by Nigel Coates – lies in the alternating of an elegant style and an innovative design. Its soft curves, embellished by a delicate velvet upholstery, are supported by a structure in hand-carved solid walnut.

The individuality of the object is highlighted through the attention to detail, in fact, Back to Back is characterized by the alternating of different chair backs, which become the back of the whole sofa. Almost as if they have been joined as a bayonet in a round and anthropomorphic sofa, these exclusive additions create a product, which can be described as sophisticated but at the same time unique.

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