Fratelli Boffi furnishes the exclusive Anthracite Martini Bar at the Great Northern Hotel

Fratelli Boffi furnishes the exclusive Anthracite Martini Bar at the Great Northern Hotel

Fratelli Boffi confirms its collaboration with the Archer Humphreys Architects architectural and interior design studio with an ambitious new furnishings project. The two designers, in fact, have chosen the know-how and style of Fratelli Boffi for the furnishings and atmosphere of the new Anthracite Martini Bar, a space that blends classic attitudes with exceedingly contemporary details.

The Anthracite Bar sponsored by Martini is an ultra-glamorous lounge at the Great Northern Hotel of London, a luxury boutique hotel in the exclusive setting of King’s Cross in the heart of the British capital.

The elegance that the iconic cocktail represents melds perfectly with the sophisticated Fratelli Boffi designs. The space features luxurious interiors with wood finishings – where the architects preferred darker and more refined tonalities – embellished by inlays and mouldings that bring to the fore the woodworking craftsmanship that Fratelli Boffi has been practising for nearly one hundred years. Some of the stock products made by the company have, in this case, been readapted in shape, size, and finish in order to respond to the needs of the space and the designers. In addition, the company has created certain tailor-made elements specifically for the Anthracite Martini Bar, developing the finished product directly from the designers’ drawings.

Fratelli Boffi’s great talent for carrying out tailor-made projects makes the company the perfect partner for exclusive creations in every aspect of a contract. The methods of an integrated business like Fratelli Boffi, in fact, allow for the expert, masterly handling of both large numbers and small projects. The existence of different sectors dedicated not only to traditional woodwork but also to cushioning, upholstery, and varnishing gives the company the level of autonomy and total expertise to carry out complex and minutely-detailed projects.


The new collaboration at the Anthracite Martini Bar reinforces our partnership with Archer Humphreys Architects, which has previously been successful during our work alongside the architects on projects such as the Plum + Spilt Milk restaurant – itself at the Great Northern Hotel – which was awarded the Best Interior Design Project of 2013 by the European Hotel Design Awards.

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