Fratelli Boffi Presents the New “Cervino” Collection

Fratelli Boffi Presents the New “Cervino” Collection

Fratelli Boffi Presents the New “Cervino” Collection


For the first time, Fratelli Boffi introduces an outdoor Mountain Style  furniture collection inspired by natural places and designed for refined mountain settings.

The smell of wood and unspoiled nature inspire Fratelli Boffi which, for the first time, thanks to the design experience of the Archer Humphryes Architects studio, gives life to a line dedicated to the mountain outdoors.

The unusual character of the company, consisting of skillful woodworking, careful attention to detail, and the evocation of a classic and luxurious living style, draws new inspiration from the places in which the slow rhythm of unspoiled nature is punctuated by the sinuous profiles of the mountain peaks.

Cervino is a collection composed of chairs, stools, armchairs, benches and tables conceived for outdoor use but which, thanks to their aesthetic refinement and elegance, are also ideal for indoor environments. All of which are related by the use of high quality woods, contemporary design, and precious details.

Fratelli Boffi has selected the woods for this new collection by digging into our history, seeking woods which are traditional while at the same time pursuing the values of sustainability. First among these is sassafras, a wood which is rarely used in the world of furnishings, also known as American chestnut and very widespread in the Eastern United States, which with its light golden color and its tendency to repel moisture is an ideal wood for outdoor use. From the European tradition, instead, it uses oak, a wood which has always been used for the production of outdoor products and is characterized by beautiful veining and excellent resistance.

Finally, cedar wood, also perfect for outdoor settings thanks to its great resistance to moisture and water and which acquires a grey taupe coloration when exposed to weather.

The Bulle family opens the presentation of the new collection, composed of an elegant armchair, an upholstered bench, and a dining table, all made of solid stained oak wood. Characterized by soft lines, a timeless aesthetic profile and details in dark bronzed metal as accessories to cover the legs.

The armchair and the bench, the latter available in straight and curved versions, are both finished with a seating cushion as well as a back, in the case of the bench, covered in fabric and available in all the collection’s colors.

The table recalls the classic style elements of the tables with “X” legs, supported by a double crosspiece in front and aesthetically reinforced by the apparent thicknesses of the wood, elegantly finished with bronze metal tacks which serve as feet.

Small bronze metal details can also be found decorating the Glade dining chair, inspired by the geometric lines and essential characteristics of some chairs from the fifties. The peculiarity of Glade is represented by the legs designed as inverted “V”s which are off center compared to the center of gravity of the chair. Completely made of solid American sassafras wood which has been lightly sandblasted and pickled grey, Glade is a chair which has a marked outdoor connotation thanks to the staves which make up the chair and support the back.

Geometric and basic lines also delineate the design of Silvanus, a contemporary bench supported by a double crosspiece designed as an asymmetrical “Y”. Available in two sizes, Silvanus is produced in stained oak wood completed by a seat cushion covered in fabric in the larger version, and in aromatic cedar wood without a cushion in the smaller version. An object with a discrete aesthetic which is graced with innate versatility, Silvanus furnishes indoor and outdoor spaces with simplicity: usable as an informal chair next to the dining room table, it is perfect as a stand-alone piece for moments of carefree stillness.

Accompanying the bench, the pair of tables made of cedar wood flanks it, also characterized by a discreet aesthetic and a personal versatility. Silvanus Coffee Tables have in fact been conceived as decorative small tables, but which thanks to their dimensions can also be used as stools. It is an informal and easily moved chair which indulges one’s living needs easily.

Among the new chairs we also find Toula, a dining chair that recalls the traditional style elements of alpine decor. Made of American sassafras wood, it is characterized by a design with strong references to the mountain tradition mixed with Nordic influences, most of all evident in the decorative carved heart motif in the back, in the choice of light wood tones, and in the insertion of small metal bronzed brass details.

Toula, with its decisive aesthetic, strongly characterizes the settings in which it is placed, adapting itself perfectly both in indoor and outdoor spaces. To complete and further embellish its personality, a thin folded bronzed metal rod on the back acts as a support for the cover, making Toula a perfect chair for outdoor mountain settings both in the summer and in winter.

Mons, on the other hand, is an armchair with compact shape and sinuous lines designed following the same concept that has guided the creation for the Duchess of Home high back chair, which was already in the company catalogue. Mons is composed of a contoured back with wooden edge and base. The soft but dry upholstery reduces the overall volume, balancing the proportions while maintaining its comfort unchanged.

The fluid contours in stained oak are embellished by the leather covering that characterizes the interior of the chair and by prized coverings such as bouclé wool which cover the rear of the chair back.

The Ferne table collection accompanies the new chairs, materializing its style in the imposing and refined base made of solid wood which supports the surface and is available in different versions and woods. In the most minimal versions made of oak or cedar wood mixed with American sassafras, the top presents itself with no decorations, leaving room and emphasis to the natural veining of the wood.

In the more decorative version, on the other hand, the oak veneer top is enriched by sycamore inlays representing typical natural elements of the mountain landscape.  Some versions of Ferne are also enriched by edges and bases in bronzed metal positioned to protect the wood at the points most subject to contact.

The Ruka stool completes the new outdoor collection, a high stool which clearly recalls the design of Sabaudia, an armchair already in the company catalogue which, thanks to its richness and versatility, has become a true icon of Fratelli Boffi’s production over the years. Inspired by the typical bistro chairs whose proportions are enhanced by varying thicknesses, in the skillful woodworking, and in the materials, Ruka is supported by streamlined legs that get thicker as they rise up to the seat. As they curve, the back chairs outline the back to form two armrests. Ruka is available in two versions, a darker one in oak with a soft leather seat cushion, and a lighter one in sassafras wood with a fabric seat cushion. Ruka is elegantly finished with details in bronzed metal covering the front legs and the footrest.

Combining the sobriety of British design with Italian elegance and the simplicity of Canadian woods, Fratelli Boffi has given life to an extremely versatile collection which is able to furnish outdoor spaces with the same elegance and refinement which have always characterized the company’s outdoor products.

Once again, Fratelli Boffi narrates its version of luxury in decoration and contemporary living, made of rich and precious materials and a masterful attention to craftsmanship and detail.


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