21/2 Illuminating e Ultimate Grey Pantone 2021 colors according to Fratelli Boffi

21/2 Illuminating e Ultimate Grey Pantone 2021 colors according to Fratelli Boffi

Electress by Archer Humphryes Architects is a small wooden armchair which plays oncontrasts: the seat is defined by rigorous lines yet has a flexible and rounded shape; it is a‘classic’ armchair and simultaneously unique for its differentiating detailing, such as the carvedseatback and its brass tips.
Electress appears to be a simple and elegant object and yetsucceeds, thanks to the unique yellow version, in employing eclectic and striking traits.

The Triclinia chaise longue alternates the sinuosity of a large sitting cushion with the straightlines that outline the two backrests, composed of two curves positioned at the opposite ends ofthe chaise, thus creating an intimate vis-à-vis facing position. Supporting the wooden base arethin small feet, designed to provide a slenderer shape to
Triclinia thus, making it a feminineand graceful object.

The Formidable Beast armchair by Archer Humphryes Architects originates from a veryclassical style. From a traditional capitonné armchair recalling an English style, completelyupholstered in leather, it exploits unique details to provide the object with a sharp elegance. Withcaptivating ram’s heads as decoration and peculiarities of its base, there is a balance betweenminimalism and glitz

A perfect chair to accompany dining tables and writing desks is Rubens , product designed by Nigel Coates.
Inspired by the classic living room armchair, Rubens becomes a contemporary object thanks to its matt walnut finishes and the iridescent fabrics that cover itspadded areas with tones of platinum and mother of pearl, recalling the opulence of the 1800s.

Piera is inspired by the room chairs of a time from which it borrows its sinuous and sensualshapes and its small, streamlined wooden feet. The seat cushion, positioned at a low height, iscomposed of thick padding on the high, wide back and the two armrests, giving anextraordinary feeling of comfort. The shape of the back recalls very feminine curves in itsproportions, delineating a thin waist that gets wider as it rises up.

The distinctive trait of the Back to Back project – sofa designed by Nigel Coates – lies in thealternating of an elegant style and an innovative design. The individuality of the object ishighlighted through the attention to detail, in fact, Back to Back is characterized by thealternating of different chair backs, which become the back of the whole sofa. Almost as if they have been joined as a bayonet in a round and anthropomorphic sofa, these exclusive additionscreate a product, which can be described as sophisticated but at the same time unique.

Atmos is a round table, statuesque and sculptural, that designs a sublime alliance betweentradition and modernity. The central base is inspired by the gears of high-quality watchmakingthat are repro -portioned in an oversize key and reproduced on solid wood thanks to skilledcabinetmaking, defining a unique design—a piece that lies halfway between contemporary art andartisanal excellence. The wooden surface, enriched by a lazy susan in brass wire, invites to aninternational conviviality.

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