Collage desi@ Ferruccio Laviani


Tue mixing oflanguages is the recurring theme far the Collage sofa by Ferruccio Laviani.

In fact, this piece is a real assemblage composed of three different structures:

a chesterfield with its typical capitonné workmanship of the leather, a lineal and simple design evocative of modem sofas instead defines the middle portion and finally a sinuous chaise lounge, in Louis XV style, romantically defines the corner.

Every element is carefully handled to its smallest details, with coverings that are differe nt one from the other. From Chester’s thick and distressed leather, to a fabric with geometrie patterns in its central portion and beige silk on the seat cushions, to an elegant and polished flowered jacquard far the donn.euse.


Collage/1 design Ferruccio Laviani


Tue possibility of personalization is endless. Tue contrasting of shapes is resolved with masterful artisanal wood craftsmanship so that the metamorphosis  and seamless passage from minimalism to   abundance, from overstuffed to streamlined, in a perpetuai game of merging styles, giving us the possibility to select which era we want to sit in according to our daily moods.

Collage/2 design Ferruccio Laviani

Tequila design Leonardo Dainelli I Dainelli Studio

Tequila, designed by Leonardo Dainelli of Dainelli Studio, is a couch with generous proportions composed of different elements that allow an almost infinite modularity and personalization. A strong statement object, Tequila has a decisive, regal persona lity, appearing as a sofa for the most elegant living rooms and the most prestigious lounges.

The base and supporting elements in coal stained ash wood –  pedestals and coffee tables –  characterize the project, becoming at the same time an expression of the great cabinetmaking skill of Fratelli Boffi. Curves and moldings bear witness to a deep knowledge of the materiai, creating precious and elegant details.

The soft seat, back, and armrest cushions invite to relax, offering different forms and compositions thanks to a vast offering of available elements.


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