Furniture and accessories that enhance the plant and animal world


Stag – design Nigel Coates

The animal kingdom gives life to the Stag table, the legs of which are reminiscent of a stag’s horns. The project designed by Nigel Coates features a clear glass top with smoothed edges, this, revealing the sophisticated carving work of the table’s structure.
A further embellishment is through the choice in using a particular tropical wood, ziricote.

Gattone – design Nigel Coates

Elegant and fun, the Gattone chair by Nigel Coates is designed for the lounge area. The round, curved shape of the seat, amplified by the upholstery and by the particularly soft horse fur covering, is clearly inspired by that of a cat with its soft hair and chubby outline, while the silhouette of the back evokes its face and ears.

Snake – design Nigel Coates

The inspiration for this project, by Nigel Coates, comes from the fascinating animal kingdom: the soft and seductive movements of
a snake influence sinuous and ellipsoid traits in this mirror’s shape.
Among other things, “the snake that bites its tail”, or circle, symbolises the eternal return of ‘the same’ and the sole desire
that a life lived at its fullest may return into eternity: the animalistic shape of this obect can perhaps be interpreted as a positive omen.
A small addition to the mirror is the insert of a wooden shelf ideal for supporting all of your small objects and trinkets.

Clorophilla – design F.lli Boffi and Ferruccio Laviani

Ferruccio Laviani reinterprets Clorophilla, by Fratelli Boffi, in two versions: a dining chair and a small armchair with a back composed of three carved leaves.
The project depicts bundles of leaves sculpted in wood, its legs are veined with slender branches. The motif employed for the structure,
is repeated on the fabric used to cover the seat, amidst a fresh blend of foliage and dynamic shading.

Lui6 tavolino – design Philippe Bestenheider

The small tables Lui 6 designed by Philippe Bestenheider are inspired by nature, in particular to honeycombs’ aesthetic.
Repeating a hexagonal shape, with a game of height and interlocking forms, these stools made of wooden blocks create a beehive system.
The object tgus, becomes multipurpose: the unit can live on its own or in groups/systems. Lui 6 presents itseld as the ideal project for public spaces,
from a house’s living room to a comfortable lounge area.

Lui6 libreria – design Philippe Bestenheider

Lui 6/B by Philippe Bestenheider resembles a double-face beehive composed of open and closed boxes,
ideal both as a container itself, or as a separating wall, demonstrating its versatility and multifunctional use.
The wooden frame is rectangular and a sinuous vertical line divides the internal elements from one another, which,
on one side are horizontal, and on the other are slanted.

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